Long Island Commercial and Event Photographers

Crystal Sjoen Photography

Eastern Long Island based lifestyle portrait photographer covering Montauk to NYC. Photography has aways been a passion of mine which grew even more, after starting my family. Through photography, I've grown a great appreciation for NY, the community and the people in them. If you like my style, feel free to reach out! Sessions are generally planned an hour before sunset on weekdays. Events and other times are available by request.

Brooke Walsh Photography

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Hi, my name is Brooke Walsh. I’m a photographer based from Long Island, New York. from the day I started snapping photos on my mom’s disposable Kodak camera to shooting professional portraits. I’ve always loved to capture beauty through a lens. Whether it’s landscape, decor or everyday moments, finding and creating visual art is my passion.

ALTOR Photography

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Long Island Event, Nature, Sports, Street, Product and All Purpose Photographer.

Scott Heaney Photography

My name is Scott Heaney and I'm a photographer from Long Island New York. My main passion is landscape and travel photography, however, I'm up for anything that gets me out and about with a camera in my hand. I also thoroughly enjoy capturing special moments for people, as well as doing product and event coverage. I'm always looking for new destinations, ideas, collaborations, and meeting fun people in general. Feel free to contact me if any of those things pique your interest. Be sure to check me out on the various social media platforms as well!

Offshore Sessions

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Born and raised on the beaches of the South Shore of Long Island, I fell in love with surf photography and quickly began to expand to photograph people in their best moments. Your engagement, the weeks before you are expecting your child, a beautiful day on the beach, the way you feel when you drop in on a wave at your home break. Reach out to me and let's create something beautiful together!! -Allie


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Long Island, NY / Freelance Prints / Aerial Photography, Nikon Professional Services, Getty Images

Matt Wasserman Photography

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Hey! My name is Matt I’m a local photographer who started as a hobbyist and ended up making it my career. Some of the things I shoot include: Real estate Landscapes Astrophotography Wildlife Motorsports

SMF Photos, LLC

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Sean moved back to NY in 2010, and spent a couple of years living on Flushing Ave in Brooklyn while attending art school in Tribeca. Sean is now back on Long Island, and likes to go on long bicycle rides and hikes with his wife, their dog, and his camera, to get and share views that many never get to witness for themselves. Sean tries to get to the beach, and see the sunset as often as possible, is grateful for everything he has in his life, and continues to work on finding the right balance in his life, both personally and professionally. "Life is a Journey, not a Destination."

Nassau Commercial Photographer

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