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Kate’s Creations & Clothing Boutique

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Hi there! My name is Kate Schlussler, and I am the owner of Kate’s Creations & Clothing Boutique (katescreationsclothingboutique.com). I am a clinical data analyst by day, business owner by night & volunteer in my community as a firefighter as well! Residing in Setauket, NY I love Italian food, a nice glass of wine, and am a firm believer that leopard print is the perfect neutral (for me at least!). I launched my website in 2023 with a passion to create an amazing shopping experience for women. I want all women to know how beautiful they are, and that a nice outfit is just an accessory to their beauty. I want women of all ages, sizes, and budgets to feel they could find the perfect accessory outfit to fit their beauty in my shop. I am currently a shop of 1, with some help of my amazing boyfriend. I am thankful for what I get to do each day. Thank you for taking the time to get to know me a little bit. Just having you check out my site means so much to me. Whether you are a first time customer, a returning customer, or simply just ‘window’ shopping, I am so glad you are here. I hope you allow us the opportunity to dress you one day! Kate Schlussler Owner | Founder

Nassau Boutique

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