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Paul Demichael Images

I'm Paul Demichael, a Long Island Based Landscape, Wildlife and Drone Photographer.. I really enjoy capturing the island's beauty through the cameras lens.. feel free to contact me if you're interested in any of my work..

Hamptons Drone Images

I've been flying and repairing drones since 2015, commerically cerified since 2017, and just clocked my 1700th flight hour. I have worked with the International Drone Racing Association, Astral AR, written for sUAS News and have done drone security for public figures. I am a WomenWhoDrone Brand Ambassador, DJI Moderator/Group Expert and one of the FPV commercial pilots on Long Island Also, winner of the Southern California Drone Film Festival 2022, and Best in Photography at the World International Photo Awards 2022. My drone videos can frequently be found on The Weather Channel, WeatherNation, Accuweather, Fox news, Yahoo News, LiveStormChasers and News12LI. I am a work in progress.....always learning, practicing and researching as a professional photographer and pilot in the Hamptons.

Bill Davis

Long Island, NY based landscape, portrait, wildlife and drone photographer.

SMF Photos, LLC

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Sean moved back to NY in 2010, and spent a couple of years living on Flushing Ave in Brooklyn while attending art school in Tribeca. Sean is now back on Long Island, and likes to go on long bicycle rides and hikes with his wife, their dog, and his camera, to get and share views that many never get to witness for themselves. Sean tries to get to the beach, and see the sunset as often as possible, is grateful for everything he has in his life, and continues to work on finding the right balance in his life, both personally and professionally. "Life is a Journey, not a Destination."