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Fire Island Lighthouse by Demerzel21

Fire Island Lighthouse

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Whether you love maritme history, climbing lighthouses, nature, or the beach, there is something for everyone at the Fire Island Lighthouse. Climb to the top of the tower or spend an afternoon exploring exhibits on Fire Island’s maritime history. See the First-order Fresnel Lens, meander along the boardwalks to the historic boathouse and bay, or enjoy sand and surf on the beach. Located adjacent to Field 5 at Robert Moses State Park.
Robert Moses State Park by Kirkikis

Robert Moses State Park

Robert Moses State Park is a state park located on the western end of Fire Island, New York. The park is named after Robert Moses, a famous urban planner and public official who played a major role in the development of New York City's parks and parkways. The park features a 5-mile-long sandy beach, a large campground, and several nature trails. It is a popular destination for swimming, sunbathing, fishing, and other beach activities. Robert Moses State Park is also home to a number of historical and cultural attractions. The park is home to a number of World War II-era military structures, including a fire control tower and a gun battery. It is also home to the Fire Island Lighthouse, which was built in 1858 and is now a popular tourist attraction. The park is also home to a number of rare and endangered plant and animal species, including the threatened piping plover. Overall, Robert Moses State Park is a beautiful and diverse destination that offers something for everyone.